Features, fixes & improvements.

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Finally! Introducing a new search for both Problems and Projects! Simply click on the search icon or use the convenient keyboard shortcut "Cmd + F" to activate it.

Workflow for processing user feedback

Now you can mark feedback as processed. Additionally, there's a new filter to separate processed and unprocessed feedback. Once you mark feedback as processed, you will automatically jump to the next one.

Other improvements

  • Improved states in the left panel. Now it's easier to see where you are.

  • Improved the dummy data that populates a newly created workspace, making it more useful for users who are learning how to use the app.

Linear integration

We've got some exciting news: we're now integrated with Linear!


  • Create Linear project with one click.

  • Seamless two-way sync

To get started, simply go to the Integrations section in Preferences and connect your Linear workspace.

Specific integration with Linear authorization

Create Linear project in one click

You can easily create Linear projects from Specific with just one click.

Create Linear project from Specific with one click

Two-way sync

When you add a project to Delivery, you'll be asked if you want to create the same project in Linear. If you say yes, there's a two-way sync for the project title, lead and status. So if you change the title or lead in Linear, it will update in Specific and vice versa.

Keep in mind that only projects in Delivery can be added to Linear. If a project is only in Discovery, it can't be added. The Delivery statuses in Specific match those in Linear (backlog, planned, in progress, paused, completed, and canceled).

Two way sync

Specific pulls the list of your Linear members from Linear. If a member already exists in Specific, they'll be paired. If they don't exist in Specific, they'll be imported as Linear members so you can set them as leads even if they only exist in Linear.

Projects that are connected to Linear will display the Linear logo icon next to the Delivery status. Clicking on the icon will take you directly to the Linear project.

Projects that are connected to Linear will show Linear icon

Link to the project spec

When a project is created in Linear, it will add a link to the Specific project spec to the Linear project so everyone involved can easily access it.

Link to spec page In Linear project

We're thrilled to bring you this integration and can't wait to see how it will streamline your workflow!

New table column showing Feedback count
New table column showing Feedback count
New table column showing Feedback count

New table column showing Feedback count

There's a new column called "Feedback" which tells you how many user feedbacks are linked to a specific item. This is a great way to see how many customers are facing the same problem or requesting a the same feature.

If there are multiple insights linking from one user feedback, it still counts as one. That is because it's still one customer, who is just talking about it multiple times in the same conversation.

"Features" are now "Projects"

We've changed the name of "Features" to "Projects" since not everything is a feature and sometimes there are other types of work that need to be done like improving the infrastructure or marketing efforts. Additionally, we've updated some icons.

This change will make the upcoming Linear integration even more seamless.

Subscribe to updates in Discussion
Subscribe to updates in Discussion
Subscribe to updates in Discussion

Subscribe to updates in Discussion

By clicking the subscribe button, you can keep track of new posts in a discussion thread and never miss an important update.

You can see who is subscribed and if you mention someone in the discussion, they'll automatically be subscribed too. And if you don't want email notifications anymore, simply click "unsubscribe" in the discussion panel. We're also working on bringing this feature to inline comments, so keep an eye out for that!

Loom integration with Specific

Loom integration

Just paste a Loom video link and it'll embed automatically. Loom videos can be an effective tool for improving asynchronous communication in your workflows.

Cmd K keyboard shortcut

Cmd K

Now, by hitting "Cmd K", you can quickly search for anything. And if you want to open a page in a new tab, just select it and hit "Cmd Return". We're also planning on adding more commands to this feature soon, so stay tuned!

New workspaces are prepopulated with dummy data

When you create a new workspace, it'll come pre-populated with example content to give you an idea of how the product can be used. It's a great way to improve your onboarding experience and get you up to speed faster!

This is one of the initial steps we're taking to enhance your onboarding experience and make it more user-friendly.

Feature status has split into "Discovery" and "Delivery"

Specific now displays statuses as two separate fields - "Discovery" and "Delivery". This update provides a clearer picture of what is going on.

The "Discovery" field has three status options:

  • To explore

  • In exploration

  • Ready for delivery

The "Delivery" field has six status options, which copy the statuses in Linear:

  • Backlog

  • Planned

  • In progress

  • Paused

  • Canceled

  • Completed

This will make the upcoming Linear integration even better.

Linking Problems to Features

Problem and Feature pages now allow for easier linking between the two. There's a dedicated block for linking Problems to Features and vice versa.

Creating a Feature from a Problem will automatically create a backlink. Additionally, you can easily view all the linked Features for a particular Problem and vice versa.

To make things even simpler, we've included a counter for linked Features in the list of all Problems UI, with a new column added next to the lead. It shows up if there is a link. Similarly, in the Features UI, you can now see the Problems.

Find text on a page, finally!

You can now use the Cmd F shortcut to find text on a page. We know, it is obvioussly one of those must-have features. So go ahead and enjoy!


  • You can add inline comments in user feedback.

  • Added select box for selecting people in RICE scoring table.

  • Mention people with @ in user feedback.


  • Fixed modal for linking insights in feedback functionality.

User Feedback: Streamline Your Product Management Process

Connect, validate, and collaborate on user feedback.

We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to our product management suite: User Feedback. This powerful new feature will help you connect with your users, validate user problems and feature ideas, and foster better collaboration within your team.

User Feedback Use Cases:

  • Validate user problems and features with your users

  • Write notes during user interviews

  • Collaborate on user feedback with your team

Here's what you can expect:

Bring user feedback to Specific

When you receive feedback about your product, you can bring it into Specific by either copy-pasting the content or typing it directly into our comprehensive text editor. This editor also enables you to take notes during user interviews.

Link user feedback to features and user problems

With User Feedback, you can select portions of the text (called Insights) and link them directly to your existing features or user problems. You can also create new user problems or features while linking an Insight, ensuring everything stays connected and organized.

An insight can be linked to multiple features or problems.

View linked insights on feature and user problem pages

See all the linked Insights from user feedback directly on the Feature and User Problem pages. This helps you keep track of user feedback in context with your product specs.

Internal discussions in the right panel

Discuss user feedback asynchronously with your team using the right panel, just like you do on Feature pages. This promotes efficient collaboration and communication within your team.

With this release, you can build better products by validating your work with users and collaborating more effectively with your team. Give it a try today and experience the difference it makes in your product management process.

As always, we're eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. Let us know what you think, and happy product managing!


Now, when you mention a document in another document, a backlink will be automatically created. This allows you to easily track and follow the relationships between your documents. You can see which problems link to a feature, which features link to a problem, what user feedback relates to a specific feature or problem, and what documents in your knowledge base link to a specific document. Backlinks bring a new level of structure and clarity to your development process, making it easier to build features that matter and products your customers need. Try it out now and let us know what you think!


Now you can assign a person who is responsible for each feature or problem in your product discovery process. This allows you to clearly identify who is leading each initiative and ensure accountability. You can assign a lead for research on a particular feature or for defining user problems. With Lead, you can streamline your product management process and improve collaboration.

Dynamic links to pages

Add links to pages, features, or problems dynamically by typing "@" and searching for them by name.

Reach as a percentage

Use percentages for calculating Reach in the RICE scoring. Simply type "50%" if you estimate that half of your user base will be reached.

Specify your user base

Define the number of users who use your product to calculate Reach in RICE scoring when using percentages.


Improved number display. Display numbers in US format for easier readability.


  • Corrected status display: Fixed an issue with the incorrect display of the status.

  • Merged feature status: Merged the "Rejected" feature status into "Canceled."

Launching early access

We're launching the private beta! 🎉 Now you can request the early access by filling out the form on the homepage.

It's still a super-early access, so please expect bugs and many UX flaws!