Project Management & Issue Tracking

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Streamline your product discovery in Specific with the delivery in Linear.


Once your project spec is ready for delivery, you can create a Linear project with one click.

Projects that are connected to Linear will display the Linear logo icon next to the Delivery status. Clicking on the icon will take you directly to the Linear project.

There’s a two-way sync for the project title, lead and project status. Linear project will show a backlink to the project spec in Specific so everyone involved can easily access it.

Specific pulls the list of Linear members, so you can set them as leads in Specific even if they only exist in Linear.

Note: This integration is specifically designed to function with Roadmaps enabled. If Roadmaps are currently disabled, enabling this integration will automatically activate the Roadmaps feature.


Add the Specific integration for Linear from Preferences > Integrations.