Customer story

A new home for our product

We began using Specific at Locu, and it perfectly addressed our needs. It offers a centralized view of our whole product, where we can create new features, address customer problems, and discuss what needs to be worked on next, and which features will provide the best value to our customers.

Before Specific, we had asynchronous conversations on Slack, which wasn't ideal since it was tough to draft a comprehensive definition for a new feature and discuss it within a single thread. Specific has completely changed the way we communicate and create new ideas and features. We can now specify new features, comment on them, and prioritize them all in one place. Most importantly, everything is documented. We believe that text is the most efficient form of communication, and Specific's document-based approach sets it apart from other product management tools.

We used Notion for other documents, but it was an overkill for what we needed since our startup doesn't currently require large structured documents. Specific has also addressed our company documentation needs. As a remote-first business, we now have a tool that allows us to rapidly and effectively push our product forward.

Specific has left us wondering how we ever managed living without it.

Locu Team