New features, fixes and improvements to Specific.

New features, fixes and improvements to Specific.

Feature status has split into "Discovery" and "Delivery"

Specific now displays statuses as two separate fields - "Discovery" and "Delivery". This update provides a clearer picture of what is going on.

The "Discovery" field has three status options:

  • To explore

  • In exploration

  • Ready for delivery

The "Delivery" field has six status options, which copy the statuses in Linear:

  • Backlog

  • Planned

  • In progress

  • Paused

  • Canceled

  • Completed

This will make the upcoming Linear integration even better.

Linking Problems to Features

Problem and Feature pages now allow for easier linking between the two. There's a dedicated block for linking Problems to Features and vice versa.

Creating a Feature from a Problem will automatically create a backlink. Additionally, you can easily view all the linked Features for a particular Problem and vice versa.

To make things even simpler, we've included a counter for linked Features in the list of all Problems UI, with a new column added next to the lead. It shows up if there is a link. Similarly, in the Features UI, you can now see the Problems.